Mothering Your Daughter Through Menarche

Supporting, loving and empowering your daughter through puberty, during her first period and into a new life phase

Mothering Your Daughter Through Menarche
With Emily Stewart, founder of The Real Period Project

When you join this special course, created in collaboration with The Real Period Project, you'll explore how to nurture and nourish the girl* in your life to approach her puberty years and first period with curiosity, support and a readiness for the changes ahead.

Menarche is often defined as a girl’s first period, but we believe it is a sacred time of transition that spans a few years around this special event.

Mothering your daughter as she moves through all the ups and downs of puberty is an initiation for you too. It can be a lonely and bewildering experience. We want you to feel resourced for this journey so you can both support yourself and really be there for your girl.

* although we use the terms mother and daughter this course is intended for anyone who has experienced periods themselves and/or those who are parenting a child who will experience periods. See FAQs for more...

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You are the *mother/carer (or ally) of a girl/child who is approaching or experiencing puberty, and heading towards her first period
  • You feel anxious about how best to support her through this sometimes tricky terrain
  • You don’t know how or when to start talking about periods
  • You know you had a difficult experience at menarche, and you don’t want your girl to go through the same challenges
  • You are concerned about the negative messages girls often receive about their bodies and about periods, and want to create a safe and supportive home that helps her feel empowered and prepared for the changes ahead.


Join this course, and you join a circle of women who are changing the story for their girls – creating for them a lifetime of honouring and trusting their body and cycles.

On the course you will:

  • Look at how your own menarche experience informs how you feel about your daughter’s, and how you can use all you’ve learned to help her with her journey
  • Gain confidence in talking about puberty and periods with your daughter
  • Learn practical ways to support and celebrate your girl as she goes through puberty
  • Receive reassurance that your daughter’s experience does not have to be a repeat of yours, and you don’t have to do it all perfectly!

This is a self study course:

  • Each week you will work through the teachings and exercises at your own pace
  • You will have access to the call recordings from our most recent live round of the course
  • You will be invited to join the course live, for free, every time we run it
  • You will get access to our community space, hosted on Circle, where you can connect and be supported


Here's what you can look forward to when you join the Mothering Your Daughter Through Menarche course:

  • Learn about the changes of puberty and how to know when to get ready for your girl starting her periods
  • Explore how you can support your daughter in lots of different ways
  • Start planning how you can celebrate when her first period finally comes
  • Get support and encouragement from other mothers going through this journey with their own daughters - share experiences, learning and empathy – most of all, know you’re not alone!
  • Change the story for your daughter – help her start the journey of getting to know her body as it matures in a close, connected and loving way.

Your menarche course includes:

  • Beautiful Guided Visualisations to help you explore your own experience of menarche
  • Engaging audios and videos, with personal stories, anecdotes, advice and guidance on how best to traverse this sometimes bumpy terrain
  • Exercises and writing prompts to allow you to really explore and experience the material - and help bring the course 'alive' and into your everyday world
  • Resource packs and tons of links to all our favourite and best sites, books, tools, and other places where you can go to find out even more!
  • And when you join up, you get access to a private online community of like-minded women, looking to support their girls at this special transitional time.

When you buy this course 40% of the proceeds will go directly to The Real Period Project. They support young people, parents, teachers and youth workers to learn and talk about periods without embarrassment or shame and to recognise the menstrual cycle as a vital body system and ally.

"Working with Emily on my relationship to my own menstruation and later in helping prepare my daughter for her first period has been such an enriching experience. Emily has extensive knowledge, experience and empathy for working in this area; it was and continues to be such a nurturing and nourishing experience. I felt all experiences and views were welcome and sensitively held. My knowledge and own empathy for all menstruation journeys expanded, leaving me feeling much more connected and whole. Thank you Emily, the work you do is amazing and so needed for these times."

~ Catherine

Your Instructor

Emily Stewart
Emily Stewart

Emily is passionate about making the period conversation empowering and accessible. Co-director of The Real Period Project CIC and facilitator and trainer of A Celebration Day for Girls she is working on how best to deliver positive menstrual education in schools and beyond. She runs workshops for young people, mothers, fathers and teachers (see website for more details). Her dream is to see a world where the menstrual cycle is recognised as an ally and teacher, and talking about it with our girls is a normal part of life.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This course is self-study, so you can start at anytime! You will be invited to join us for free anytime we run the course live in future.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What is the refund policy?
You are eligible for a refund up to 48 hours after your purchase. Past this point there are no refunds for the course.
My child is going through puberty very young, do you cover this?
Going through puberty and starting periods earlier than their peers can be challenging for children. This course is suitable for parents of children of any age as they approach puberty, and contains suggestions and resources if your child is young.
My child identifies as non binary, will this course work for us?
Although we do often use the terms mother and girl/daughter, this course is intended for anyone who has experienced periods themselves and who is parenting a child who will experience periods. As long as your child isn't experiencing body dysmorphia and distress about their birth gender, this course can help you both transition through the puberty years and includes advice on managing the transition if they don't identify as a girl. If your child is in distress, then we recommend you seek support and advice from those who specialise in helping young people through this. Check out Mermaids: , Mindout: or see Jo Langford’s book 'The Pride Guide'.
I am a devout follower of my religion, will this course be respectful of that?
This course is designed for anyone and everyone approaching the physical development of their child/ren as they move towards starting periods. We make no judgements about religious practices or beliefs, only encourage participants to view their own experience compassionately and coach them on how to proactively encourage their own child to feel held and supported throughout the transition.
I had/have a terrible time with my periods, is it even possible for me to support my child having had such negative experiences?
Periods can be extremely challenging and distressing for many people, and if this has been your experience, we understand, & we will meet you where you are. We do not sugar coat periods or deny the painful experiences many people have, but we do passionately believe that it is possible to support your child and help them have a different experience, whatever start you may have had. We offer advice and ideas to change the story in your family, and support along the way.

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